Mr. Bhavesh Desai

ICICI Pru Regional Manager

NCCOS has a very strong team which addresses and caters to our needs and delivers desired results

to ensure that our customers are in safe hands, NCCOS has laid down specific processes on data and customer security

their sales team has the hunger for higher targets and always ensure they deliver on their commitment

Amitabh Das

Customer for an Indian Bank

This is one of the better collection agencies I’ve dealt with. When they first called they were polite but firm.

When I called and asked for a statement of my account, I received one promptly.

The only thing I don’t like is that they don’t send statements unless you ask for the same

Madhavi R - Lawyer

Renowned Lawyer - Financial Institutions and Banks

NCCOS has empanelled a strong legal team to ensure that those clients who need Legal assistance are given a proper indepth Legal advise

with their vast knowledge of Banking and Financial services - it is very neccesary that Legal be a part of your business acumen to cater to customer need


Bilal Shaikh

Collection Manager - NCCOS Mumbai

its been an excellent work environment for me, not only have i got an opportunity to learn and engage in various new activities, i also am solely responsible for my business, working here has been roller coaster ride

the work environment is really good and people are like family 

i pray that our co. grows and becomes the no. 1 co. :)

Mr. Venugopal

Head in a South India Bank

when I got NCCOS to work for us in Chennai, we were looking for some one who has a fairly good idea of cusotmer trends and information

With NCCOS we have a trusted partner who not only understand our need but also has processes which are consumer centric

Wishing both Praful and Mohammad good luck and hoping them to achieve many more renowned feets

Nirav Patel

CEO, Dominant Group

Thank you again for all of your kindness and for following up with me. I’m not sure if that’s in your scope of responsibility, but I can tell you that you are one of the nicest debt collectors I’ve ever worked with. 

Navin Ghate

Regional Collection Manager

We've been doing business with NCCOS since more than 5 years and I must say, they have transformed the way collection is done in my region

Real time feedback, always a team to rely on, timely updates and most importantly always engaged and aligned 

their hunger to taste success and the business acumen they have is something i havent seen in many

wishing you lots of success as you progress